I am a Clairvoyant Life Coach, Energy Healer, Founder of the Infinity Star Grid Healing Modality™, Past Life Hypnotherapy Therapist, Introspective Hypnosis Therapist, Medium, and Angel Reader.

In 2007 I had a huge shift in my life.  Little did I know that Creator had something bigger in mind for me. 

I grew up in the church so when my spiritual gifts started to present themselves to me,  I felt overwhelmed and actually scared.  I had no understanding about what was happening to me.

As the gifts started to come in stronger, I began to read book after book searching for an answer to what I was experiencing.  Back then we didn’t have google search lol.

So as this new journey started to progress even deeper, I found myself taking energy courses such as Reiki which really enhanced my intuition.

Now I teach with my own Energy Healing Modality called the Infinity Star Grid Healing System and many other healing modalities. I am a clairvoyant reader and Medium so I help many people all over the world to enhance their gifts.  Some seek me out to receive messages from the other side from loved ones that have passed on.  I am also able to connect with pets that have cross over.

In all my readings I use frequencies and energies to assist with the flow of the information that is coming through.

I call it Zero Point Energy and I have been working with it for awhile now.

So thank you for stopping in to get to know me better.  I love being of service to everyone who stumbles upon my path.

Blessings and Love,




Infinity Star Grid Healing Teacher


Introspective Hypnosis


Arcturian Reiki Teacher 


Gaia Reiki Practitioner


Arcturian Light Codes 

(21 DNA Upgrades) Teacher 


Arcturian Resonance Practitioner


Sacred Activations – Master 

of the Masters Practitioner


Usui Reiki


Akashic Record Reader


I have been a healing arts practitioner for the last 10 years and have been using complementary healing methods for close to 30 years. I am trained in multiple modalities; however, there is no other modality that makes me feel as amazing as Colleen Fischer Sacred Attunements. The energy is incredibly powerful and transformative, but gentle and sweet. When I run Sacred Attunements I feel instantly at peace, connected and full of joy and love. It is awesome!!! I also enjoy being a practitioner because my clients love the energy so much. Colleen is a great teacher and the modality is surprisingly easy to learn. I highly recommend signing up for a class with her now! Don’t wait! You will love the way you feel and make others feel." Love and Light to you, Beautiful Lady!
I just had my very first Arcturian Reiki session with Colleen. I wanted to share my experience with anyone else that is interested. I had the most amazing Dragon energy from an Earth dragon who cleared my negative energies within, it was almost like my head fell asleep ( like when your foot does) that energy switched to a fire dragon energy that pulled that energy throughout my body. It was like relaxing in a hot bathtub with energy currents running through it. I can say it was such an amazing experience, Colleen made the experience so much better with the awesome energy she shared with me. Thank you again I definitely suggest that if anyone has ever wanted to try Arcturian Reiki or was interested in it TRY IT. IT works.   Colleen has an uncanny knack for feeling into your soul. She sees and knows what needs attention, and gives the issues their required intervention.

I took great comfort in my initial sessions with Colleen.  Like so many people in our society today, I have been desperately seeking guidance, advice and answers regarding my present and future life.  The many negative occurrences and influences that have occurred in my life over the past several years have created for me much doubt in my ability to trust my judgement, my inner voice, my soul.  I am deathly afraid to love again, to open my heart, to trust, to believe and to have faith. This has created much pain for me.  Colleen, in just two sessions, has already begun building that trust to where it must be.  Her calm, insightful, compassionate and understanding demeanor has encouraged me to face the reality without fear, to build my inner strength and to be patient with myself as I work on becoming who I truly am and to trust love again.  She gently reminds me that the changes may not always be easy but that rewards will always be great. 

I was amazed at her abundant accurate description of my life, my feelings, my thoughts.  Her connection with my soul, my spirit guide and my family of angels was simply a miracle in my eyes.  She is truly gifted.  I feel very confident that overtime she and I will achieve success in my growth and development into the person I desire to be, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I trust her completely and have to restrain myself from contacting her every day, lol!  I am excited to experience this journey with her.

This weekend I was participating in Colleen’s attunement and vibration session. It was such an amazing experience going through it, especially the vibration of money which was my favourite. Since I love to travel and would love to do it full-time and see the world. Once I closed my eyes I clearly saw myself in different parts of the world I want to travel to. I had a bright white yellowish light resembling a sunshine which stayed with me for a good few minutes during the process. I imagined I could manifest anything I could possibly want and desire I felt rich, I felt I could afford anything and I had endless amount of money in my wallet. I felt tingling all over my body and with my eyes closed I had the biggest smile. Feeling so happy and at peace. Feeling that energy was pretty awesome. 
I truly recommend this vibration of abundance and money session which empowers you to simply manifest anything you want and desire. 
Thank you Colleen for guiding me through this experience- You rock! 
Love and hugs !