In 2007 I had a huge shift in my life.  Little did I know that Creator had something bigger in mind for me. 

I grew up in the church so when my spiritual gifts started to present themselves to me,  I felt overwhelmed and actually scared.  I had no understanding about what was happening to me.

As the gifts started to come in stronger, I began to read book after book searching for an answer to what I was experiencing.  Back then we didn’t have google search lol.

So as this new journey started to progress even deeper, I found myself taking energy courses such as Reiki which really enhanced my intuition.

Now I teach with my own Energy Healing Modality called the Infinity Star Grid Healing System and many other healing modalities. I am a Intuitive Soul Reader and Medium so I help many people all over the world to enhance their gifts.  Some seek me out to receive messages from the other side from loved ones that have passed on.  I am also able to connect with pets that have cross over.

In my soul connections with clients, I use frequencies and energies to assist with the flow of the information that is coming through.

I call it Zero Point Energy and I have been working with it for awhile now.

So thank you for stopping in to get to know me better.  I love being of service to everyone who stumbles upon my path.

Blessings and Love,