We all want to create a better life but many of us don’t know where to start.
Years ago, when Creator gave me this gift, I had no idea that I would be sharing this with the world. Back then there was no internet so guidance came right from the Divine and some handy books that contained what other healers had done in the past.
With all this knowledge I now teach, individuals are able to learn how to work with energy to embrace all their gifts that creator has given them such as Mediumship, Intuitive Readings for Guidance, Starseed knowledge and energy, a much more.
We are all energy so it comes down to shifting it into positive ways. Things don’t happen over night but when you start working with energy – frequencies – you can manifest things quickly and your reality becomes brighter.

Are you ready?


This course was given to me by Creator back in 2019. This course is Multi-Dimensional and we use the Merkaba to set everything up that is needed to be a Medium.

Starseed Reiki that is powerful and simple at the same time. Based on all the elements such as Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

This healing modality was given to me back in 2009 from Creator. Its Starseed Energy Frequencies. This course was designed specifically to work with Starseed energies using your Merkaba to shift timelines and raise frequencies.

Sometimes we need inherit problems in this life from other past lives. I am a Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner that can take you back in time to heal traumas or just take you back to your past lives out of curiosity.

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Quantum Resonance