Arcturian Reiki

Arcturian Reiki harmonizes with the high, clear vibration of the Arcturians,
Galactic light beings who are consciously partnering with humanity to
anchor higher frequencies into Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Instead of the traditional symbols like the Cho Ku Rei of Usui Reiki,
Arcturian Reiki partners with the 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air in
the symbolic form of dragons.

At the core of Arcturian Reiki is the connection to and embodiment of your
Multidimensional Self. This assists you in reconnecting to the full
expression of your being, so that you can experience fulfillment in every
aspect of your life. This includes but is not limited to your health, finances,
relationships, and career.


You will or have received what is called an “attunement” that consciously
connects you to the Arcturian Reiki frequencies. You can think of it as
being given a key that permanently unlocks a portal giving you access to
the Arcturian Reiki Frequencies.

You will be able to channel Arcturian Reiki immediately after the
attunement. It works for EVERYONE!

Upon receiving your attunement you will be able to:

1. Offer in person treatments/healing
2. Offer long distance treatments/healing

There are no levels (Like Tsui Reiki) that limit your potentiality with this
energy. There are no symbols to draw or remember. You can work with
each of the different elemental dragons to add purpose and intention to
your sessions. Or simply turn on the energy, and let the intelligent
frequencies do their work