• Meditation for a Soul Retrieval. When we suffer any kind of trauma whether it is physical or mental, a part of our soul and heart pieces flee out of our body and when it happens, we get depressed and so many emotions start to play on our energy field.


  • Deep Heart Healing which activates the deep healing of the heart from the beginning of your time on earth until now.


  • Connecting Your Heart and Mind by bringing them into alignment in one rhythmic pulse.


  • Higher Heart Activation that works on clearing your higher heart and thymus gland and all negative patterns that keep your heart closed or undeveloped. Doing a deep dive on released trapped emotions such as bitterness, hatred, broken heart, fears, disappointments and so much more.


  • And once this is released, I will be bringing in unconditional love, compassion, empathy, synchronization, reliability, patience, bliss – learning to receive and give love. Also communicating with the heart and alignment between the heart and head.

Included in this package is a Soul Retrieval Meditation and Several Activations to Heal Your Heart and a Protection Grid mp3 (negativity will bounce right off).


Value of all of this is over $125.00