5th Dimensional and Higher Frequency Healing – One on One Sessions




I am offering 1 on 1 sessions to help YOU do a DEEP DEEP Cleansing of Old Emotional Traumas, Beliefs, Oaths, Vows, Curses and stuck energy by intuitively looking into your energy.

We are shifting so quickly into higher dimensions in order to incorporate frequencies of Abundance, Unconditional Love, Peace and so many other higher frequencies.

In these 2-hour sessions you will receive my exclusive time to:

  • Clear out implants and entities
  • Work on your protection
  • Help with various energy shifts
  • Clear Brain Fog and Nervous System Areas
  • Assist with Healing from your Ancestral Time Line
  • Work on your Chakras and Aura
  • Work on your Heart Chakra
  • Manifestation Frequency
  • Bringing in more Light Frequency and so much more ……

Once all sessions are complete you will receive 2 – 1-hour sessions – Video Recordings of Each Session

Investment is $197.00


If you would like to dive even deeper to receive an expansion of your DNA with about 5 Arcturian Light Codes of your choice, you can book an additional session for only $52.00.  There are 21 Light Codes you can choose to work with.  Click Here to purchase this additional product to your purchase.

Payment Plan are available for all 3 Sessions.