Sacred Attunements Multi-Dimensional Mediumship 101



Multi-Dimensional Mediumship 101

Lesson 1

  • Attunement and Activations – Keys and Codes to Work with Mediumship Energy
  • Create Sacred Space
  • Releasing of old negative patterns
  • Attunements
  • Guardian Angels
  • Spirit Guides of the Highest and Purest Energy
  • Ego Step Aside
  • Attunement for Ascension Intuition

Lesson 2

  • Reconnecting with 1 st Lesson
  • Discuss the keys and codes and how they are used in this Mediumship Class.
  • Talk about ego and how it can affect a person when they are connecting to loved ones.
  • How important is it to connect properly beyond the veil?
  • How do I know I am connecting to the right person beyond the veil?
  • Talk about layers of family beyond the veil.
  • Learn the process that and use in order to connect to loved ones beyond the veil and receive information.

Several frequencies and attunements will be included in this package for enhance communication in a safe vibrant white light energy space.