Light Language 30 Minute Break Through Sessions Via Zoom



Language of Light 30 Minute Session Via Zoom

Are you stuck in some old energy beliefs that you just can’t shake?  I am offering Language of Light Sessions to break down all those barriers for you.  This language is a language from the beginning of time with very high frequencies that are tones which clears energies for a client through the pure white light of the Creator Source.  The Language of Light activates your DNA for the 5th dimensional energies so you can create an amazing life.  Your mind may not understand the frequency but your higher self and heart will connect with this loving energy.  

Areas a person can work on during the session:

  • Activating your DNA for 5th dimensional energies and higher
  • Break through barriers regarding all kinds of relationships
  • Activate Your Healing and Intuitive Gifts
  • Health Related Issues Caused by Emotions
  • Selling Your Home
  • Creating Your Own Healing Modality
  • Amplification of Creativity
  • Connecting Your With Abundance Frequencies
  • Connecting Your With Your Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Connecting Your with your soul family
  • Creating a Grid of Protection Around You
  • Release of negative energies and implants
  • Releases you from Victim Hood
  • Creating a Love Bubble for Yourself
  • Activating Your Light Language

And so much more!

Shine your light!

To book a  time and session, please contact me at [email protected]