Arcturian Light Code 21 – Clears Self-loathing and Doubt. And upgrades you to AWAKENING  


ALC21 – Clears self-loathing and doubt. And upgrades you to AWAKENING  



Arcturian Light Codes that work with your DNA to upgrade your energy field.

The frequencies will work with your Energetic Body which will have a direct influence on your physical body through your DNA.

Each specific Arcturian Light Code works to clear an ancient, embodied human fear that we (humanity) have been carrying around for generations and is passed on through our DNA.

The Light Codes will also clear the conditioning and programming that has resulted because of these outdated beliefs that were formed as a basic survival mechanism.

As each code is installed, you don’t have to DO anything. Change will happen.  You will steadily become more and more in alignment and expression of your Divine Self.

I suggest, that you pick a different code each day to work on to experience and accelerate change.  You only need 10 minutes a day to do this.

You can simply meditate on the frequency that is being installed.