Infinity Star Grid Practitioner Level 1 with Frequencies


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The Infinity Star Grid Healing Modality was given to me back in 2009.  This healing consists of working with the Merkaba (“Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit) which is our Ascension Vehicle.

 We each have our own Merkaba and with this Ascension Vehicle we are then able to move through multi-dimensions and portals. This healing modality works with the Merkaba.  (Your Ascension Vehicle)

 When you Activate your Merkaba you become alive and an energy field is created about 60 feet around your body. You merge with Source, the Divine and All That Is. It also connects you between your physical and ethereal bodies, so you be able to see the patterns that limit and no longer serve you.  Then you can proceed to clear all those unhealthy patterns, so you can create a higher vibration around you, therefore helping you manifest all the amazing things in your life.

 In Level 1 of this Certificate Course you will be downloaded with Vibrational Keys and Codes, so you can use them on yourself or clients for healings to remove old blockages that have been created whether its from past life time traumas, ancestral traumas, your present life time, and your multi-dimensional self.

We are all made of Energy so when you work with Vibrations of the Universe and Attunements, you can shift out your vibration to move yourself out of old patterns that no longer serve you, so you can manifest the life you desire.

 In this class you will also receive the following:

26 Frequencies that are Downloaded with the Infinity Star Grid Healing Modality from Infinite Source Creator God. These incredible high Vibration Downloads will increase healing in a way you have never experienced before.