The Circle of Arc Angel Vortex Frequencies


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For the last year I have been called to visit Arc Angel Michaels Vortex in Banff.  Just recently I was finally able to go.  It was truly a blessing full of love and mystery.  My friend and I sat in the vortex for hours just receiving all the information for the keys and codes to connect with this magical vortex.  This was a Sacred Journey to help the collective to shift and anchor in protective loving energies for the Ascension Energies and more ……

Archangel Michael’s Vortex at Lake Louise (Banff, Canada) is home to the Archangel Michael Vortex, known as one of the most Powerful Vortexes on Earth.  In this attunement, you will receive keys and codes and downloads in your own Divine Merkaba of the frequencies to connect you with Archangel Michael powerful protection and Divine Will. While Archangel Michael is a powerful leader of angels, he also directly assists and supports humanity when called upon and now with all the shifts and changes upon the earth its time to anchor in this frequency.