Self Healing With the Arcturian Light Codes – DNA


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Self Healing With Arcturian Light Codes

that work with your DNA

to Transform and Accelerate Your Ascension

These Arcturian Light Codes work deeply on your DNA Level. Your DNA holds and carries the energy of your karmic imprints and fast track transformation can quickly be made through clearing your DNA and information it holds. Your DNA carries your ancestral fears, your negative programming and other negative imprinting.

You can change your deeply embedded conditioning and programming by working with powerful Arcturian Light Codes that work on reprogramming your cells with high vibrational frequencies which will then be able to hold more divine light.

Only listen to 1 Light Code a day – it takes about a week or more to integrate the energy.  Please drink lots of water and sit in a quiet place to listen to each code.  They are approximately 6 – 8 minutes long.

Light Code 1 – Clears fear of being taken advantage of and installs the frequency

                         of INNOCENCE

Light Code 2 – Clears delusions, unreal expectations based out of fear and being tricked

                         or duped and installs the frequency of SELF-ACTUALISATION

Light Code 3 – Clears loss of inner voice and repressed feelings and desires and installs the

                         frequency of AUTHENTICITY

Light Code 4 – Clear expression of control through smothering and installs the frequency of


Light Code 5 – Clears tyranny and rigidity and installs the frequency of INNER AUTHORITY

Light Code 6 – Clears blind conformity and constriction and installs INGENUITY

Light Code 7 – Clears fear of being alone and installs COMMUNION WITH SELF AND

                          THE DIVINE

Light Code 8 – Clears lack of direction and chaos and installs CONSISTENCY

Light Code 9 – Clears insecurity and installs INNER STRENGTH

Light Code 10 – Clears loneliness and instills SOLITUDE

Light Code 11 – Clears fears of lack of control and installs FLOW

Light Code 12 – Clears unfairness and installs JUSTICE (fairness, equality)

Light Code 13 – Clears victimhood and installs ACCOUNTABILITY

Light Code 14 – Clears disinterest and decay and installs EXPANSION

Light Code 15 – Clears extremes and lack of balance and installs NEUTRALITY

Light Code 16 – Clears addiction and materialism and installs PRUDENCE

Light Code 17 – Clears fear of complete upheaval and disaster and installs ACCEPTANCE

Light Code 18 – Clears insecurity and discouragement and installs KNOWING

Light Code 19 – Clears fear of the dark/unknown and installs ILLUMINATION

Light Code 20 – Clears negativity, depression, overwhelming sadness and installs CELEBRATION

Light Code 21 – Clears self-loathing and doubt and installs AWAKENING