Divine Golden Light Merkaba Self Healing Course



The Golden Merkaba connects you to your soul purpose

through Christ Consciousness (The Great Central Sun),

The Source Creator, Heart Beat of Gaia,

The New Crystalline Grid and your Sacred Heart.

In this Self Healing Class you will experience unconditional love, peace, expansion and awakening to your multi-dimensional awareness.  This is your Ascension Vehicle to the 5th Dimension and beyond.  When your Merkaba is Activated you can clear old beliefs, traumas and so much more.  You then can download frequencies that will heal your life.  When you heal your life you are able to perceive things differently and experience love, joy and peace with frequencies you have never experienced before.

Are you ready to shift?

Included in this course is 2 hours of Arcturian Resonance Activations and Infinity Star Grid Frequencies to align yourself to become your true authentic you.  When you start deleting old programs and increasing your frequency, you find that your life becomes easier and flows in magical ways.

You will also receive a copy of the recording of the class so you can continue to practice on manifesting in your own Golden Light Merkaba.

If you are unable to attend you can still purchase the class with the recording.

We each have our own Merkaba and with this Ascension Vehicle we are then able to move through multi-dimensions and portals. This healing modality works with the Merkaba.  (Your Ascension Vehicle)