Arcturian Reiki Practitioner Training



Arcturian Reiki Practitioner Training

Arcturian Reiki is Universal Life Force energy and Multi-Dimensional that is channeled through beings that are attuned to receive those particular frequencies that are of the purest of white light.

So you may be wondering what multi-dimensional means?  Well it means this Reiki works on our plane of existence and others planes of existence as well.

Arcturian Reiki harmonizes with the high, clear vibration of the Arcturians, Galactic light beings who are consciously partnering with humanity to anchor higher frequencies into Earth and all of her inhabitants.

In the traditional Usui Reiki we use symbols like the Cho Ku Rei, Dai Ko Myo and some other symbols.  Arcturian Reiki partners with the 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air in the symbolic form of dragons. I am a Reiki Practitioner in Usui Reiki but I use the Arcturian Reiki because its faster at times and so simple to remember.

At the core of Arcturian Reiki is the connection to and embodiment of your Multidimensional Self. This assists you in reconnecting to the full expression of your being, so that you can experience fulfillment in every aspect of your life. This includes but is not limited to your health, finances, relationships, and career.

Once you are certified you can work on yourself and others.  Arcturian Reiki is perfect for plants and animals too.

Payment plans are available as well.  Just pm me.

With  this product you will receive a recorded copy of this class and you will also have to participate live to receive your Certificate.

Next Class is Wednesday May 15, 2019  at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Mountain Standard Time