Animal Kingdom Sacred Activations



Connecting With the Animal Kingdom and our Pets

helps us communicate with them and give them the

unconditional love they deserve.

Animal Cruelty

This activation is for clearing cruelty toward animals existing in various forms in the collective consciousness. It also releases trauma held by individual pets and other animals in response to cruel treatment.

Ownership Issues With Our Pets

This activation makes it possible for us take ownership of our issues and release our pets from having to suffer the consequences of taking on our issues. It also frees us from taking on other people’s issues.

Psychic Abilities of the Animal Kingdom 

Connect with the animal kingdom and share their great wisdom, love and understanding. By connecting with the animal kingdom on an energetic level, we are healing thousands of years of miscommunication and connecting with their profound beauty.


This activation is for clearing our pets of trauma and stress.

Pet Bodies in Balance

This activation is for healing our pets and balancing their Chakras.