Arcturian Light Codes DNA Practitioner Training



****Introducing Arcturian Light Codes *****

The Key to Accelerated Transformation and the Unfolding of

YOUR Unique Genius through your DNA.

Did you now that your DNA is the conduit that that connects

you to the cosmic interface of all life in the Universe?

Your DNA is also the building blocks of your expressed reality here on Earth.

The trillions of cells in your body listen to and respond to all the

energies in your environment

 through the cytoplasm of your cells. This information is collated, interpreted

and then passed on to the DNA residing in the nucleus of your cells.

Your DNA reacts and activates corresponding biochemical

processes to respond to the information it just received.

EVERYTHING in your life, your physical environment, your relationships,

the food you eat, the thoughts you think, co-create your reality WITH your DNA.

To complicate things, your DNA carries ALL the inherited ancestral fears of all of humanity…which are influencing you RIGHT NOW.

In other words, these deeply embedded ancestral fears are also co-creating your reality.

You may be wondering, what does all this mean?

It means that with conscious awareness you no longer have to be a victim of your

DNA programming.

Furthermore, with the advanced frequency technology of The Arcturian Light Codes, you

can energetically speed up the process of letting go of these ancestral fears, re-program your

belief systems, and upgrade your environment through higher frequencies. All this will cascade

into influencing your DNA to helping you create a life in full alignment with your Divine Life Purpose,

free of the shackles of the fears of the collective consciousness.

The Arcturian Light Codes are 21 keys, that when used properly, will unlock the Divine Genius

waiting to be expressed by you.

The Arcturian Light Codes will accelerate and stabilize positive change by energetically clearing

the ancient fears embedded in your DNA while simultaneously upgrading your cells with higher

frequencies designed to allow you to carry and hold more Divine Light.

For a very long time we have known that we run on 2 DNA strands, but we have more than that,

but they lay dormant.  We are now just opening our hearts centers looking to expand our lives so

we can tap into our intuition, healing abilities and so much more.

In this Practitioner Course, you will be able to help yourself and others expand and grow in your healing,

intuition and other abilities by upgrading your DNA in a way that is perfect for you.  Don’t miss out

on this new expanded DNA upgrade that takes you to the next level of ascension and creating new

and unlimited manifestations skills in your life.

Investment $210

You will receive 3 hours of online training along with 21 recorded DNA upgrades.



Included in this package is 3 hours of online training and 21 mp3 recordings.

Payment Plans are available please message me at [email protected].