12 Days of Clearing Mind, Body & Soul Before Holidays

$96.00 $48.00


  • Clear limiting belief pattern
  • Enhance relationships
  • Increase abundance and prosperity
  • Reconnect with Spirit / Deepen Spiritual Connection
  • Change habitual behaviours and addictions
  • Bring Joy and Happiness
  • Clear past life trauma
  • Create a sense of well-being
  • Calm anxiety, depression
  • Heal Grief and Heartache
  • Decrease Pain
  • Reduce Stress



Christmas is coming and all through the month, your stirring and frantic about your house.

With this holiday on the way, there are attunements for each day.

With each attunement you will find a relief of every kind.

So you can purchase each attunement one at a time or purchase the bundle to save a dime.

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Many Blessings! Each Attunement has music added.

Holiday Blues Attunement –  which is to help you get through the holiday season

Stress – Alignment of Chakra and Aura – Frequency of Peace

Soul Partner Connection – Enhance relationships – bring in the frequency of unconditional love

Releasing of Chaos – Calm anxiety, depression – deactivation regarding holidays pressures

Family Healing – healing of all family conflicts – bring in Unconditional Love

Heal Grief and Heartache from past holidays situations – could be past life trauma

that comes up as well with this one Frequency of Love

Miracle Attunement – Aligns you up with the Frequency of Miracles

Intuition – Reconnect with Spirit / Deepen Spiritual Connection during holidays – bring

in the frequency of Intuition

Addictions – Change habitual behaviours and addictions such as overeating,

drinking etc. – bring in the frequency of Health and Unconditional Love

Reduce fatigue and exhaustion from planning holidays – frequency of Health

Abundance – Brings in the frequency of Wealth

Holiday Bliss – connects you with Bliss, Joy and Fun